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Junction 88

Published 1947

Musical with an "all-colored" cast. Low-budget, but charming.

Run time 48:50
Production Company Sack Amusement Enterprises
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: bobsluckycat - - January 23, 2013
Subject: A Musical Gem In The Rough
This little film at nearly 49 minutes has a lot of music crammed into it, and it's not anything
Blacks are listening to today, but that isn't a bad thing. These are mostly great songs from another place and time, The title song "Junction 88" maybe being the exception. This is sweet band music and rather restrained. Noble Sissel is leading a small group here and they are tight. Bob Howard and "Pigmeat" Markham, big stars of the day are also very good. One or two other musical surprises too. Wyatt Clark as "Buster" is wooden but it's hard to tell wether he is actually singing and playing or is dubbed. Again the music is fine.
Forget the down-south cornpone humor and story line which makes the old "Amos & Andy Show" play like "Othello". Take in the music and fast forward through the rest if you must. This music is long gone and it ain't a comin' back no mo'!
Picture and sound quality in the MPEG4 download is also superior. My Rating Is For The Music Only!
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